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# I want to develop freedos programs in linux ,since I already have
# all my development stuff there.I don't know whether to ask in a
# linux forum of freedos.I found instructions for building a cross
# compiler here.

I'd suggest rather than building your own from scratch, that you
use Andris Pavenis's RPM files.  They work just about perfectly,
and contain a patch for the linker specfile without which your
toolchain will work until you try and link a C++ program :)

You can find the RPMs - both source and binary - at DJ Delorie's
FTP site ftp://ftp.delorie.com/djgpp/rpms for the last "official"
released version, which is 4.1.0.  As of just yesterday, you can
also get 4.1.2 from Andris Pavenis's site, which is
http://ap1.pp.fi/djgpp/gcc/4.1.2/gcc412.html but note that this
has had very little testing.

If you are running a distro other than Red Hat you may have better
luck rebuilding from the source RPM - my SuSE system had slightly
different paths for some things which were hard-coded.  I posted
a patch to the source RPMs to deal with this just a few minutes
ago, on the djgpp-workers list:
I haven't tried applying that patch to Andris's 4.1.2 stuff yet

I would also strongly recommend using the very latest binutils,
2.17 - when I tried to use 2.16.1 I was running into this:

I'm currently in the process of building ZIP packages of 2.17 for

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