Hi, good point, its good to have drivers for modern hardware!

> f.e. we need driver for sound cards, printers and wlan-cards.

I disagree on the WLAN cards. Even with 32bit operating system,
LAN is way better (fast, stable) than WLAN, just get a cable ;-).

> At Dr-DOS-forum (http://www.drdosprojects.de/forum/drp_forum/)
> some people discussed, how to bring new drivers to DOS...
> ideas are:
> *porting from Linux
> *using windows drivers
> *using f.e. existing QV's sound driver  and write new one

My recommendation would be using the AC97 driver
from MPXPLAY and code from the "grab SB16 data
from DOS and forward it to /dev/dsp" module of
DOSEMU and create a DOS driver which can be
plugged into JEMM386 (for the I/O grabbing on
the SB16 end) based on that. Using for sound
drivers from Linux or Windows would be a problem
because those drivers are complex and make use
of services of the 32bit OS for which they are.

By the way, I have a fragment for PCMCIA access
around (from the Deskwork guy). One could combine
that with code from a RAMDISK to create a driver
which lets you access the first partition on for
example a compact flash drive plugged via PCMCIA.

In a related idea, one could modify the XDMA
driver to allow (PIO or DMA) access to LBA-
sized drives of up to 128 GB or even more
BEFORE loading the kernel, in a metakern style
chain of loading modules. Then the kernel will
be able to access the whole disk size even if
the BIOS is old and only gets part of the disk.

So far some quick suggestions from my side, feel
free to post (in a spam-proof way) on the forum.
I myself prefer to use discussion systems where
new postings reach me automatically, such as
this mailing list here :-).


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