On Fri, 23 Mar 2007, Eric Auer wrote:
Thank you for your replies.

My main harddrive was set up this way:

hda1 a fat 32 1/gig partition - no os in it
hda2 - a hardfile for use with the x86 amiga OS emulator AMIthlon
hda3 - ubuntu gnu/linux ext3
hda4 - linux swap

the boot for the system is out of menu.lst in the boot subdirectory of
hda3 and the amithlon isolinux kernel resides there as well as the linux

i have used this method of booting since i installed linux which was 
installed from the ubuntu extras cd not the regular ubuntu cd

Since I already had a small Fat32 partition as hda1 which was not being
used to boot anything I did copy freedos from the standalone harddrive 
to hda1.

Then I opened menu.ls and edited in a menu choice as Eric described:

title FreeDOS
# hd0,0 would be what Linux calls hda1, read the docs:
root (hd0,0)
 chainloader +1

It worked without my haviing to go back to the Freedos CD and try to 
install from the CD.

I really appreciate Freedos and the help from this list.

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