Hi Russell,

dosemu is probably the answer to most of your questions :-).

Get the new unstable version from the site,
most Linux distros only include older versions.

> I'm running vmware server under Ubuntu Linux 6.06 (Dapper Drake).
> I've been able to create a vm to host freedos and to get it loaded
> and running.

Dosemu is even easier - it lets you open DOS windows in Linux.

> 1.  Get IP networking running on the freedos VM.

That is a bit complicated in dosemu but there are howtos online.

> 2.  Be able to transfer data in and out of it to my Linux
> environment - ftp?  scp?

In dosemu, you can define any directory of Linux to be used
as a drive letter for DOS.

> 3.  Be able to telnet in from an xterm of arbitrary size and run the
> apps from a window larger than 640x480

You can run dosemu both in a terminal and as graphical xdosemu.
The latter supports VGA and VESA graphics for DOS and can be
used remotely via the usual "ssh with X forwarding" way.

> 4.  It would be great if I could print to a networked HP Laserjet
> from the VM as well.

You can tell dosemu to forward text printed to the LPTn of DOS
to any printer queue of your Linux printing system.

Eric :-)

PS: Dosemu also runs fast and uses little resources RAM and CPU
wise. When you load FDAPM APMDOS in DOS, even more CPU is saved.

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