I don't believe we can use this in FreeDOS.  There is no information
in the tar file to indicate the  distribution license, so I am unsure
how this was meant to be redistributed.  But the most obvious blocker
is that this program is patent-encumbered, and cannot be used
commercially (all users of the FreeDOS distribution should be free to
use all parts of the system, whether or not they are commercial
entities or home users.)  Here is the bit from the included man page:

>     IDEA is registered as the international patent  WO  91/18459
>     "Device for Converting a Digital Block and the Use thereof".
>     For commercial use of IDEA, one should contact [...]

And looking up the patent, I see it was issued 1991 with a US patent
issued 2001.


On 4/2/07, ice <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello.
> I would suggest to add into FreeDOS any encryption utility, as "crypt"
> in the FreeBSD for example.
> http://vmsone.com/~decuslib/decus/secure/idea_v1_1.tar_z : IDEA
> implementation, easy to compile with "Pacific C for MS-DOS, v7.51" and
> "DJGPP Version 2.03".

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