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>Yes, there is active development in NDN...

That's good, it's a fine software.

>As for impouving it's display functions I can help, but only if somone 
>can make a detailed howto of how to set up it's compile environment. 
>Usualy this can take days which I don't have to spare, but I have some 
>experience with PC's video. Specially on the compatibility issue.

I need to try it on other PC, but I need some time, and I think mode detection
should be carry out by an external utilities and write the result in a
"vmode.ini" to let the main program use it without crashing anything.

>> Have you contact the developer of Necromancer DOS Navigator?

I want to test on other similar model PC, to make sure this is really a
"problem", rushing to report may not help.


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