On Fri, 2007-04-20 at 11:17 +0200, Eric Auer wrote:
> Hi!
> > 1) It would be nice to see the actual partition FreeDOS wants to install
> > to.  Instead, all I can hope for is when the installation finishes, I'll
> > still have linuxswap & linux installed on /dev/hda1 & /dev/hda2.  Hda3
> > is a FAT32 target for the FreeDOS install.
> DOS cannot install to non-FAT partitions anyway... But one could
> display a part of a directory listing to reassure the user...?

Yes.  I did read the install the night before installing.  So from
there, I just installed it.  It's still scary though because it's a big
unknown as to which partition it really is using for the install.  Yes.
This is my vote for just to reassure the user that it's installing to
the 3rd partion on the harddrive with a size of 1,000MB.

> > 2) How about an unattended install instead of having to press <space> or
> > the <any key> all the time?
> You have to do some selections anyway, but I agree it
> should not be "all the time". Things should be automatic
> as soon as you are done with package selection, are they?

Yes.  Once the user taps the space key, install proceeds. I do like the
install as it's reminiscent of a RedHat install (although I've been
using Gentoo for the past years).  

It would be nice to make the package selection once at the beginning of
the install (similar to most linux distros) and then all the copy
process take over without having further package selection prompts.  I
usually just select the "Default" package selection *anyways* as it is
tedious going through and trying to select or deselect packages a o/s
has 20+ packages to install. 

> > 3) I didn't know there were this many Open Source programs for DOS!
> > might have elected for a small install.
> You could have guessed from the download size ;-)

Thought it was just a lot of ReadMe.txt?  ;-)

I'm shocked.  Looks sweet. Great job!

> Eric
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Fri Apr 20 11:51:55 PDT 2007

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