Hi guys,

right, fractint for dos will also run in freedos, because
freedos is a dos ;-). and it will run faster than in
dosbox, because dosbox simulates a cpu while freedos can
run on your real cpu. you can boot it from cdrom, diskette,
harddisk, or usb stick. the latter is easier with a modern
bios, but with an old bios, it can be a bit complicated.

> > 1. Is Fractint likely to run faster under Freedos?
> > 2. Can I boot directly to Freedos from a CD instead of
> running an emulator like Vmware or Virtual PC under Vista?

Note that there are also more free emulators: Bochs and
Qemu. Dosbox is also an emulator, but a special one, as
it can also emulate DOS itself - which makes it faster
than running a full DOS inside an emulator, but still
slower than running a DOS on your real hardware.

> The best way would be to install FreeDOS on some (few megs...) FAT16
> partition, but booting from a livecd is...

Actually a full install of freedos 1.0 can easily take
100 mb or more, as we include a lot of 3rd party free
software for DOS :-). In addition, it is not good to
use "ancient style" FAT partitions smaller than 33 MB.

Last but not least, making a partition for DOS can be
hard because Vista will probably take all your space.
Luckily, Linux installers can shrink Windows partitions
(as long as it is shut down and not only sleeping)
without data loss. After you install Linux (and while
you are at it, create a primary DOS partition as well,
or just create only a DOS partition and skip installing
Linux even though it is great...), Windows will just
boot up, scratch its head (run scandisk), shrug, and
will run again on the shrunk partition :-).

So maybe you want to start with a Livecd or diskette :-).


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