frank finley wrote:

> In MS-DOS 6.22 I could open and use software : OLB for DOS - "Online Bible".

seems to be from:

> My PC is now setup to boot to Freedos and the software cannot be accessed

Why did you switch to FreeDOS?
What FreeDOS distribution are you talking about? URL?

> any longer. I tried uninstalling the MS-DOS installation and reinstalling

There's no _un_installation in MS-DOS.

> under FREEDOS but it still does not work.

Sorry, but "does not work" is a useless error description. Please read and try again

> I wondered whether anyone else had encountered this problem ? Are there any
> solutions ? Given that OLB is perhaps the only decent and free BIBLE for DOS

Quote from OLB web site: "We no longer offer any support for the DOS
version. Program updates are not being offered and there is no further
development being done."

Robert Riebisch
BTTR Software

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