Re: Online Bible for DOS (Frank Finley)

Not sure I deserved the blunt response from Mr. Riebisch:

>any longer. I tried uninstalling the MS-DOS installation and reinstalling

There's no _un_installation in MS-DOS.

>under FREEDOS but it still does not work.

Sorry, but "does not work" is a useless error description. Please read
http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html and try again

>I wondered whether anyone else had encountered this problem ? Are there any
>solutions ? Given that OLB is perhaps the only decent and free BIBLE for 

Quote from OLB web site: "We no longer offer any support for the DOS
version. Program updates are not being offered and there is no further
development being done."

Robert Riebisch<<

but I will admit error and send apologies for not explaining things more 
fully and accurately.

However, Mr Riebisch should note that my intitial enquiry asked only whether 
anyone else had encountered a problem accessing OLB in Freedos. My following 
queries would be of most consequence if someone had in fact experienced a 
problem - so the following queries and comments were merely anticipatory. I 
had hoped but not explicitly asked that if someone was using OLB just fine 
in Freedos they would  tell me this so that I might be encouraged to spend 
more time trying to get OLB to open the Bible modules in Freedos.

I accept:

>There's no _un_installation in MS-DOS.

I meant, of course, "removed".

My Freedos installation was from fdbasecd.iso from a repository listed at 

I installed Freedos simply to give it a try. I wanted to breathe new life 
into an old 486 laptop and, only barely able to fumble my way through 
MS-DOS/Win95-98 software glitches and issues had decided against Linux. I 
decided that knowing only 'just enough' to get by in MS-DOS made Freedos a 
natural choice to play with.

In MS-DOS the Online Bible for DOS (OLB) is accessed through a mini menu via 
a batch file named MM. The menu would load from the Freedos prompt but once 
displayed  the  option within the menu to open the AV bible installed (which 
would had opened from the MS-DOS prompt) would fail to open the AV 
(Authorised Version Bible).

I have since reinstalled MS-DOS 6.22 and will continue with  this OS until I 
am a little further forward with Freedos and can be clearer and more 
accurate  in any future mail to the Freedos user list. However, I would 
still be very grateful to learn whether someone is running OLB in Freedos

I know only too well the :

>Quote from OLB web site: "We no longer offer any support for the DOS
version. Program updates are not being offered and there is no further
development being done."

That was the point of my mail. I am not a software writer and maybe do not 
realise that it would be impossible for a Freedos software writer to 
investigate and make OLB run in Freedos. If there is a true incompatibility 
in the first place :  ) My experience suggests there could be.

All the best


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