Hi Jim, I all!

What should change with FreeDOS 2.0? Some ideas, I think, they have to
be a must :-)

*Using 4DOS as standard command tool, and Bash or freecom as choice.
*Using JEMM as memory manager
*Using HX Extender & Co to support Windows programs in DOS
*PythonD as modern script language
*Using an Editor which supports large files (like FED or SETEDIT)
*One standard file manager (my choice would be FW or NDN)
*No more 386- support

I also think, that it shouldn't be a BIG collection of all free DOS programs.
The distribution should contain less, but powerful programs. (Download
via WGET for additional tools could be possible.) If there are more
than one (like file managers) we could make a poll at freedos.org
where user and developer can choose them.

Network: Latest Arachne (a much more advanced version should be
distributed soon) is a ''must", also tools like WGET. And one big
problem still exists: a driver. So there should be a note at the
installer, which points to FreeDOS Wiki or another site, where a good
documentation exists ( about installing such a driver).

And the GUI? I would say OZONE :-))))))
Even with the drag'n'drop-bug it has many features and developing of
programs isn't difficult.

It is true that no one can essentially cultivate exact science
without understanding the mathematics of that science. But we are not
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a part of mathematics.
(James Clerk Maxwell)

Using Arachne, the GPL Web Browser/Suite

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