On Saturday 12 May 2007 20:11, Florian Xaver wrote:
> Hi Jim, I all!


> *Using 4DOS as standard command tool, and Bash or freecom as choice.

4DOS is okay, but I would prefer to have Freecom by default, and the choice to 
switch to bash/4DOS, because Freecom is the most similar to MSDOS 

> *Using JEMM as memory manager

Good point here. JEMM is the natural evolution of Michael's EMM386, so it 
should be included as default.

> *Using HX Extender & Co to support Windows programs in DOS

HX Extender in a default instalation? I would say no... it should be rather 
available as an optional package.

> *PythonD as modern script language

For me, batch is just okay :)

> *Using an Editor which supports large files (like FED or SETEDIT)

The MS-EDIT from W98 is the best editor I've seen so far. To bad there aren't 
any free clone of it :(

> *One standard file manager (my choice would be FW or NDN)

File manager should be optional. Personally, I don't use such tools, I prefer 
to COPY / DEL and REN my files. Of course there should be at least 2-3 
choices for file manager.

> *No more 386- support

Wow, not so fast!
The purpose of FreeDOS is to reproduce a MSDOS system on x86 CPUs... Go read 
Jim's manifesto ;-)

> (Download via WGET for additional tools could be possible.) If there are
> more than one (like file managers) we could make a poll at freedos.org
> where user and developer can choose them.

I definetely agree with that!

> And the GUI? I would say OZONE :-))))))
> Even with the drag'n'drop-bug it has many features and developing of
> programs isn't difficult.

Command-line is enough for me,

Mateusz Viste

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