On 13 mei 2007, at 09:38, Florian Xaver wrote:
>>> *No more 386- support

I don't like this.

>> Wow, not so fast!
>> The purpose of FreeDOS is to reproduce a MSDOS system on x86 CPUs... 
>> Go read
>> Jim's manifesto ;-)
> Wasn't it the purpose of FreeDOS 1.0? What changed with 8086 code? I
> think nothing.

Since FreeDOS 1.0, support for 8086 actually improved. A few 
executables were unnecessarily incompatible with 8086 and have been 
fixed through trivial changes to compilation/compression settings.

Also I'm quite sure that there were real bugfixes for at least one 8086 
compatible program. And of course there will be future bugfixes for 
programs that are currently 8086 compatible.


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