On Sunday 13 May 2007 09:38, Florian Xaver wrote:
> why not? There could be a choice of "standard configuration" and
> "enhanced configuration". HX Extender should be a must :-)
> Also FDAPM & XDMA should be included in the enhanced config.sys.

Yes, if you are talking about an "enhanced conf", then I will agree. But by 
default (basic conf.), the user should get something similar to an MSDOS 
clone, without bells and whistles...

> > File manager should be optional. Personally, I don't use such tools, I
> > prefer to COPY / DEL and REN my files. Of course there should be at least
> > 2-3 choices for file manager.
> Why optional? If it is installed, you need not use it.

Don't like to have things I will never use :-P

> > Command-line is enough for me,
> Yes, but new users like GUI, I think.

I'm not sure there are much "new users" in FreeDOS... it's rather "old MSDOS 
users which discovered a free alternative", and I think they are expecting to 
replace their MSDOS installation, not a desktop OS...
Of course, a GUI should be available IF the user wants it (again, "enhanced 

I think there should be 3 "modes" of installing FreeDOS:
1. Basic install = kernel + freecom + move/format/fdisk etc... The user get a 
clone of a MSDOS install - not more, not less. Of course things like 
FDAPM/XDMA should be included anyway. It's my prefered way of using 
FreeDOS :-)
2. Enhanced install - All the above + some GUIs / HX ext / maybe few games 
3. Custom installation - let the user to choose (check/uncheck) what packages 
he exactly wants to install.

Mateusz Viste "Fox"

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