While FreeDOS isn't something like Gentoo (or Linux at all), I'd love to 
have some kind of build system so we ensure the 8086 compatibility.
Right now all programs have to be compiled by their own makefiles (and 
compilers, linkers etc), and I got no idea on how to make it like a 
batch  job,
some kind of master script for compiling  (and compressing)  all 
programs for a certain platform.

The suggestion of 4DOS seems fine as both usable shell, and as a way to 
have additional functionality during installation time (for example 
creating diskettes from the CD). On the other hand, 4DOS is worthless 
for diskettes for example due to size of its binary (200KB?) and 
requiring swapping to XMS, EMS or disk.

Once I can get my hands on VmWare Workstation 6 I'll do some DOS-related 
stuff again, provided I dont lack time. It's still a nice project and it 
would be a shame if it was stalled at the magic 1.0 label.


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