Hi Mateusz,

> default, the user should get something similar to an MSDOS
> clone, without bells and whistles...

I got similar feedback and also think that a base / default
install should not, like, install 20 TSRs for the new XY
3d popup GUI or anything ;-).

> > Yes, but new users like GUI, I think.
> I'm not sure there are much "new users" in FreeDOS...
> it's rather "old MSDOS users which discovered a free alternative"

I got the following feedback (rough translation) in German:

"Normal USERS need: verbose docs in their own language, also
printable and online, help during install, checks of the
system during install, a package selection, and a tested
complete suite of software"

So they want better docs and something that feels familiar
to MS DOS experienced users. The installer COULD contain
some config / dual boot wizards, but I think it SHOULD not
contain complex attempts to help with fdisk, format, dual
boot, usb, similar. Just too easy to get wrong, see WinXP ;-).

My personal idea of an install wizard will help you to dual
boot on a FAT partition but will neither fdisk nor format
anything at all nor would it access non FAT drives at all.

> 1. Basic install = clone MS DOS but some better drivers and details
> 2. Enhanced install - All the above + some GUIs / HX ext / games
> 3. Custom installation - let the user to choose packages

This is roughly what we already have :-)


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