Hi all!
I'm found these utilities:
Description on this (http://www.pa-spaug.org/News97/1997archive.htm) by Jim 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] has written three DOS programs which enable binary files to 
be emailed in ASCII format without requiring decoding. The target files are 
similar to UUE, however, they are executable text (.COM files) and therefore no 
decoding software is required. The source files are limited to ~52K, however 
the programs include a built-in UUEncoder and an ASCII format decoder for 
larger files. 

The source file is converted to a self-extracting ASCII file. Executing the 
ASCII file extracts the original binary file (data or program).

The source program (.COM or .EXE) is converted to a program in ASCII text 
format. Executing the text file will run the program! Command line parameters 
for the original program can be used. Error level exits are preserved.

Converts a .GIF file into an viewable ASCII program. When the ASCII text is 
executed the programdisplays the original GIF picture as 320x200x256 colors. 
The recipient does NOT need decoding OR VIEWING software. Includes automatic 
resizing of larger pictures.

This is a plain (not very smart but small) DOS UUdecoder written by Jim Tucker 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] which can be emailed as plain ASCII text. This solves the 
chicken and egg problem -- how to mail a UUdecoder to somebody who does not 
have a UUdecoder. The program which created this, NETRUN, is available on 
SimTel and mirror sites:

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