Hello Eric,

>> It does allow to convert any PC with 2 network connections into a simple
>> router, and thus it would give FreeDOS another usage on a machine.

> While this is indeed a very fancy use for DOS, I would like
> to remind you that a typical router (with built-in DSL modem
> and other stuff) has the size of a large cigar box and takes
> only 5 Watts of electrical power, much better than a PC :-).
   provides DHCP
   has a buildin firewall
   doesn't require configuration ('go here to find packet drivers for
   your network card')

certainly such a thing could be easily build on top of (any)DOS, and
provided as a boot floppy, but just a program that does NAT translation
isn't that exciting.

IMO there's a huge amount of interesting software that runs on DOS
(MP3 players, astronomical data analysis, dentists praxis management,
astrological birthday analysis, etc.). But there's no need to bundle
it with FreeDOS.

For me anyDOS is an operating system, providing a convenient
*platform* for users programs, more or less like MS has provided it,
   kernel, command.com, himem, emm386,
   CDROM access (nowadays including S-ATA drives)
   UDMA would be nice (now that jack has finally gone mad source is
     lost for ever http://johnson.tmfc.net/dos/qdma.html) - except
     for the copy Jim saved for the world ;)
   fdisk, format, xcopy, *ONE* working chkdsk (not 2 to choose
I'm missing an *auto-installed* network driver (packet or NDIS), where
you could load email/Arachne/... on top

IMO there's no need to install a ton of software during default
install that users are never going to use; *IF* users are ever going
to learn about FreDOS they have probably internet access - set up a
web page to some interesting programs, but don't install them per

> Better use DOS to surf the web than to route it ;-).
Actually better to use Windows or linux to surf - I like multitasking,
good resolution and a dual monitor setup. YMMV ;)


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