Nick Warren wrote:
> You know what would be really awesome in FreeDOS? multitasking. There 
> are no open source multitaskers for DOS. They used to have some programs 
> that did that a long time ago, but they were all proprietary. When I say 
> "multitasking", I don't mean "task switching" like in MS DOSShell. Can 
> this be done?

If we're putting together a wishlist, I'd say a packet driver that works 
with PXE-booted machines so you avoid having to use the (huge - in low 
memory terms) MS network client to load some UNDI NDIS driver like 
3Com's undis3c.dos and a NDIS-packet driver shim.

This thought has been around for a while:

and there's a commercial solution, emboot:

But as always, an open alternative is nicer.

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