Hi Nick, Robert,

> > Another thing that would be really great woudl be an equivalent
> > of QBASIC...
> > I guess there's FreeBASIC, but it's a compiler, QBASIC was an
> > interpreter.
> There are already the bwBASIC or Regina Rexx interpreters included
> with `fdfullcd.iso'.

We once made an attempt to add sound/graphics/... support to bwbasic,
but there was not enough interest to keep that project going. I think
FreeBasic.net is way better than bwbasic. The only good thing of the
latter is that it runs on 8086. Maybe you could motivate the freebasic
people to add an interpreter mode. Actually it might be possible to
write a BASIC program that uses some eval(string) like calls for that?

For now, what FreeBasic needs are DOS-experienced testers. Please
grab your old collection of Basic sources and try how well they
run in FreeBasic. I think it even has a "behave more like qbasic"
compatibility mode. But you often need only few changes to port
Qbasic sources to FreeBasic anyway :-).

Please get FreeBasic 0.17b testing for DOS from
> http://www.freebasic.net/index.php/download
and then unzip the daily updates from
> http://drv.nu/freebasic/dev/
on top of them. Much better than 0.16b stable
but needs feedback before the daily builds can
lead to a new stable version :-).

Thanks for testing! Enjoy FreeBASIC :-).


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