It's me...      Again ;-)
Just to say that I released a new version of FoxCalc. It's basically just a 
bug-fix release (ie. no new features here), but worth to download anyway. :)

What's new in v0.83:
- Fixed a little mouse's cursor display bug when clicking on buttons,
- Fixed thousand sep. insertion (appeared sometimes on the number's front),
- Switching to scientific notation (00E+00) for numbers >= 1000000000000,
- Added overflow checking for x!,
- Compiled with FreeBASIC v0.17b.

Of course, there is still much to do before the 1.0 version...
- Add compatibility with monochrome screen modes,
- Emulating PCOPY (restoring initial screen before quitting),
- Checking for overflow before any operations,
- Fix large number + fract storing (eg. 999'999'999.99),
- Add a config file for color schemes,
- Backspace key to remove last typed number...

Available at http://mateusz.viste.free.fr/dos/en/foxcalc.htm

Mateusz Viste "Fox"

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