Hi everybody,

please test the updated NANSI 4.0c package at

Changes: New /Q option to mute the bell. Note that FreeCOM beeps
by directly accessing the speaker - there might be an option to
configure this, though. New INT2F handler to support the classic
ANSI install check. For completeness sake, the INT2F handler also
has support for get/set geometry and for get/set flags. The latter
is dummy and small. The former is a bit complex. RAM footprint of
NANSI 4.0c is 250-300 bytes larger than in 4.0b because of that.

The get/set geometry interface lets you: 1. Query the resolution of
a text mode in chars and pixels (less reliable for graphics modes?)
and 2. Force NANSI to assume a certain resolution (in chars) for
the current mode and force NANSI to access it as graphics mode
(call BIOS to draw chars) or as text mode (write chars directly).
The "blink or intensity?" and "bits per pixel" aspects of geometry
set and get calls are dummy / ignored for now.

Unfortunately I have no real life test cases for the int 2f thing,
not even for the ANSI install check. I hope somebody else has. Maybe
Dan Kegel himself? :-) I myself just tested the new int2f with DEBUG.

Cheers, Eric

PS: The "screen size" interface thing should alledgedly also be
accessible via IOCTL of the CON device. I guess this has as
little use for most people as the screen size interface in int2f.
Probably I should compile the default binary without any size API?

PPS: You can UPX the SYS from 4.6 kB to 3.7 kB but then you MIGHT
get silent failure to load when you try to use it in a UMB which
has between 3.7 and 4.5 kB size. Converting NANSI to be internally
EXE would be a solution if you need it "safely UPXable". Or just
UPX it as it is and be aware of the (small) possible failure case.

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