I want the focus to be on fixing defrag along with other utilities
and implementing a package management system similar to Slacwkware's.

What some of the programs do could be documented better.  I get the
impression that people are expected to have old manuals lying around,
but dos died a long time ago and people probably threw software out
fearing Y2K incompatibility.  

I got a backup copy of WP 6.0 dos to work in Freedos 1.0, no printer
support though.

Ultima VII does not work.  No matter what memory configuration I try,
it insists that there isn't enough memory.  There is the Exult project,
but it died.  For the Fedora Core 1 port, getting sound to work is
almost impossible.  Maybe Exult can be ported to Freedos.  The 
other option is figuring out why Ultima VII is insisting there 
isn't enough memory and trying to fix that.

I am impressed with what does work such as Commander Keen Goodbye
Galaxy and Ultima Underworld.

The focus that I think is needed:

Package management that is both
intuitive and powerful.

Improve the documentation without 
increasing the minimal installation 

Round out the utilities,  
no more betas!

Improve compatibility.

Create more demand for Freedos.

Wish list:

* A non tcp/ip network protocol so that it's easy 
  to set up simple local area networks using 
  freedos that are properly isolated from the
  Net.  Port this to Linux which is a good server.

* Arachne could support more of the html protocol
  and be less Internet centric or firefox/mozilla 
  could be ported to Freedos.  Lightweight Windows
  9x replacement anyone?  It shouldn't be hard to
  produce a gui that is good enough to run firefox
  in.  I want something that works better with php
  web pages than Arachne does.  I'm also concerned
  about SCO possibly owning Arachne.

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