On Thu, 2007-05-24 at 23:05 +0200, Eric Auer wrote:
> Hi Someone / Michael,
> please explain the package mgmt suggestion. At the moment,
> we have a system where each package is in a ZIP and you
> could simply use "unzip" and "zip -mf" to install and un-
> install a package. But we even have a package mgr with
> support for batch scripts and dependencies :-). Which is
> almost a bit overkill, as DOS apps have hardly any deps.

Slackware has pkgtool which lets you see all the installed
packages in a text menu.  At least this was true in 
Slackware 10.1 still.  This tool is available after 
installation.  I want the equivalent to slakware's 

> > What some of the programs do could be documented better.

What is dog?  I am not impressed with the crynwr packet
driver collection which has a number of useless docs.
How do I work with the source code?  How do I program
fdconfig.sys and autoexec.bat?  What is wrong with free
defrag?  Looking at source code to figure out what's
wrong is working backwards.  Looking at the algorithm
behind free defrag might help me figure out how to fix

* The wget source code on my commercially purchased copy
  of freedos 1 seems to be corrupt and it crashes the
  installer if I ask for it.

I had to google to figure out how to boot Freedos 1 from
a non primary partition on a drive with Windows 2000 
installed to it via boot.ini and a boot sector in a file.
The ability to install Freedos natively on an NT drive
without messing NT up or running it on FAT makes freedos 
more appealing than it would be otherwise.

> We have the htmlhelp, and the bootablecd.de webmaster is
> working on a big project to update it and provide a German
> translation. Any help with that would be very welcome!

> > Ultima VII does not work.  No matter what memory configuration
> Yeah, http://games.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=104706&cid=8917871
> writes: "These days, U7 is nothing more than a nightmare with which
> to scare DOS emulator authors. For playing the game, there's Exult."

> I think Ultima7 has a special DOS extender which is EMM386
> incompatible (-> also SBPCI/SBLive incompatible as those are only
> virtual SB16 and have AC97 hardware for which U7 has no driver).
> You may want to experiment with the HIMEM options to limit the
> amount of reported memory. Sometimes the problem is having too
> much RAM. Try the HIMEM (and maybe EMM386) from www.japheth.de :-).

I don't think a 486 DX2-66 will run Fedora Core 1 and
Exult smoothly.  This is enough for Ultima VII running
natively.  It will work on a 386 running MS DOS 6.22...
See http://exult.sourceforge.net.  Fedora Core 1 isn't
supported anymore.  I couldn't get a true ISA Soundblaster 
16 working in FC1.  Forget about running Exult in Fedora
Core 5 or newer.  I tried to, FC5 didn't even like the 
source code RPM.  Yuck on going to the source tarball.
I can't get Ultima VII running on a 486 DX2-66 with 20
megs of ram in Freedos 1 with emm386.exe unloaded.  It
won't even run when himem isn't loaded.  Freedos supports
most old dos games where Exult only supports 1.  It
makes sense to port Ultima VII to Freedos so that it can
run them all, if that isn't too much work.  Sadly, all
copies of MS-DOS that are available to me seem to have

> Round out the utilities, no more betas!
> Which utilities are affected?
The free defrag program and possibly others as well.
I thought a german beta release of Freedos had scandisk
and I am wondering why Freedos 1.0 English doesn't?

> Improve compatibility.
> Examples?  

I've had problems with the install command 
which opens a PKZIP archive for Populous II.
I have a CD with like 10 games on it that 
came with a Soundblaster 16 or 32 kit.  

Space Hulk is on the CD.  Wing Commander 
Academy is on it (boring game IMHO).  
Mahjong is on the cd 
( Free in Linux and no copy protection ).
There is a copy of 7cities which works well 
in Freedos.  Populous II works in Freedos, 
if you can get it installed.  Out of
Ultima VII, Ultima Underworld, and Ultima 
Savage Empire, Underworld works 
(Savage won't work in MS-DOS).  
Yeager's Air Combat doesn't work 
(annoying copy protection scheme anyways).
Shadowcaster works well in Freedos.

I've had problems with Bolitare crashing.
It works well on some computers but not
others.  It might be that certain memory
configurations crash it.  

I've had problems with Free doom crashing, 
especially on one of the higher levels.  I
don't know where all the secrets are where
it's not clear where I can get hints.

Aside from games, the old cdrom drivers
from the MS-DOS 6.22 days generally didn't
crash the computer if you tried to 
directory list the contents of the drive 
when it is empty.  You could change discs 
without rebooting.  I've run a Toshiba 
driver with some success, but that's not
a free driver.

Opengem is nice, but if a text document ends
in something other than .txt it won't open 
it.  If it could get a little smarter 
without getting a whole lot bigger, that 
would be great.  

What are you supposed to read freedos's html 
help files with anyways?

Porting EXULT to Freedos would be nice
because it is easier to get sound working
in Freedos than it is to get it working in
Fedora Core 1 these days.  The OSS/ALSA
changeover is still a mess.

> > * A non tcp/ip network protocol so that it's easy

> Non-TCPIP is non-easy. And there are good TCPIP libs for DOS.
> But maybe you mean something like INTERLNK or laplink?

I mean a free replacement for IPX/SPX put out by Novell
and foolishly abandoned in recent years for TCP/IP.  
The best TCP/IP firewall is a non TCP/IP protocol.

> Japheth.de has a very good DOS extender which can
> even run some Windows apps in DOS. But I think a
> web browser would be asking too much. PHP is some
> server sided thing. If Arachne has a problem with
> a page, it is because of the generated HTML and
> not because PHP generated it. Maybe you can find
> out more. By the way, ReactOS is a WinNT/2k/XP
> replacement :-).

ReactOS is in regression hell and the main web
site is out again.  It could be years before the
ReactOS project releases a stable system.  I
am unfortunately quite good at annoying Z98.
The ReactOS discussion lists are getting 
more hostile and much harder to search.  

You don't need a gui that supports every single 
Windows APP to run Mozilla 1.1, do you?  Windows
95, no more patches for it for Y2K etcetera, is
much faster than Windows 98SE and Windows XP.  
Even Windows 9x has more than you need to run 
Firefox.  Windows 9x, Millenium, and MS-DOS are 
not supported anymore.  ReactOS is an attempt to
clone NT, not dos based Windows.  What do you 
need NT for other than DirectX which is solely 
the property of Microsoft?  I've been wondering
if Freedos 32 will eventually become a 
replacement for Windows 9x and Windows Millenium?

On my concerns about Arachne and no mozilla support:

I have the horde framework running Webmail IMP.  
Arachne doesn't render it very well.  The lack
of IMAP support is also annoying.   Arachne 
doesn't render html tables properly.
I am very concerned that Arachne is owned by 
SCO which has been attacking Linux backed by
Microsoft behind the scenes.

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