> > What is wrong with free defrag?

> For every machine I've tried it on,
> a red box pops up that says ERROR,
> undefined problem, and it halts.

Did you try the newest version 1.22 from

The failure should not depend on mainboard / CPU, only
on the filesystem type and contents and on whether you
have enough RAM / XMS free. I think FAT32 support is
quite weak and easily runs out of RAM at the moment.

> I got my copy of Freedos 1 from linuxmall.com
> because every attempt I made to download it failed.

In what way did it fail?

> I go by nute on the ReactOS boards if anyone
> wants to know.  I posted a simple question,
> "What happened to 0.3.2", on the NEWS board
> and started a firestorm.

Hmmm well 0.3.1 is only 2 months old, I guess it will
take a while until 0.3.2? They also say on reactos.org
that they are doing a code audit, 99% complete :-).

> I don't know why Americans aren't allowed
> to submit source code to the ReactOS project

I did not get that impression when googling in the
forums. Maybe because of US-made wars or because of
overly strict IP regulations that could endanger the
freedom of the source code? By the way, I think you
had that mail server which did not even allow German
mailservers, because you used a blacklist which has
the opinion that German whois is too hard to use,
while German whois thinks that whois should not be
too easy to use - to avoid spam... ;-).

> You should be able to code anything honestly,
> at any time, regardless of whether it is
> similar to or even identical to proprietary code.

Agreed, but unfortunately US - and maybe soon European
as well - patent laws are not made for computer age. It
is unrealistic to forbid people to add feature X to any
software for 20 years simply because Y has it patented...

> Freedos impresses me as is and I love it
> even with it's current problems.  I want
> to see a better Freedos.  I am looking
> forward to future versions.

Thanks. Maybe you can help making it better :-).


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