> I did not get that impression when googling in the
> forums. Maybe because of US-made wars or because of
> overly strict IP regulations that could endanger the
> freedom of the source code? By the way, I think you
> had that mail server which did not even allow German
> mailservers, because you used a blacklist which has
> the opinion that German whois is too hard to use,
> while German whois thinks that whois should not be
> too easy to use - to avoid spam... ;-).

The US did not call Bin Laden and say, "Hey 
Osama, talk a couple of impressionable muslims
with a lack of respect for human life into 
hijacking and crashing multiple 7x7's into 
occupied office buildings."  Nor did Britain
consort with radicals so that the London 
bombings would happen.  Spain didn't cut a 
deal with someone to bomb the train systems
in Madrid.  

No civil entity makes war without a just cause.  
Terrorists who are driven by hatred aren't civil.  
You don't conquer a nation with a small peace 
keeping force.

Want to hate Americans for the chaos in Iraq?  
Well, what do you think an American looks like?
Mostly we are Heinz 57.  You might run into an
Asian decent American, or a Russian decent 
American, or even a German American.  Heck, 
there are even Arab Americans.  

Never mind that Al-Queada, which orchestrated 
9/11, is behind some of the recent chaos in 
Iraq.  Don't hate Americans, hate the terrorist
masterminds who want Iraq to remain violent.
The number one war injury for coalition 
soldiers is brain damage from road side bombs.
Only cowards detonate bombs remotely to harm 
peace keepers.

The chaos in Iraq is so severe, it is no wonder 
how difficult it is to get Iraq to produce 
military and police forces capable of keeping 
the peace without outside reinforcement.  At 
least Iraq has something now that is slowly 
growing to meet it's peace keeping needs.  
Long term, reconciliation is needed between 
the various warring factions in Iraq.  It is 
awfully hard to reconcile with someone who 
has no compunction about killing you though.  

Every time Iraqi's think America is ready 
to pull out, the political process stalls.
The situation in Iraq is not a civil war 
because there are too many sides in it and
outside interference from Iran.

> > You should be able to code anything honestly,
> > at any time, regardless of whether it is
> > similar to or even identical to proprietary code.
> Agreed, but unfortunately US - and maybe soon European
> as well - patent laws are not made for computer age. It
> is unrealistic to forbid people to add feature X to any
> software for 20 years simply because Y has it patented...

I disagree with this.  Microsoft's monopoly makes
our laws, which are an outgrowth of English 
property law, break.  Of course current patent and 
copyright systems around the world create a problem 
if one company has a controlling interest in all 
the relevant technology in a single industry sector.
Sherman anti trust law in America is supposed to 
prevent this, but it isn't being enforced with 
respect to Microsoft.  Vista is the most strident 
violation of Sherman anti trust in the history of 
the law.  This Novell Microsoft deal is a related 
matter with Microsoft trying to claim that it owns 
Linux.  Without copyright law, the GNU GPL would 
not exist.  Concerning patent law, I hear there
are active efforts in America to tighten it up so 
that the patents that are granted are far less 
frivolous.   It's time to excuse the double click 
patent.  Capitalism in general blows up when you 
have monopolies, a manifestation of excessive 

     Michael C. Robinson

Most of the world's oil doesn't come from 
Iraq.  A third of America's oil comes from 
South America and another significant percentage 
comes from Africa before any oil is shipped here
from the Middle East.  America is trying to reduce
it's reliance on foreign oil in favor of domestic 
renewable sources, such as corn based ethanol.   
How much corn do you divert to fuel and how do you 
produce enough corn without adversely affecting 
the environment though?  Current technology isn't 
offering any easy answers.

Increasing the amount of nuclear plants would help
America meet it's energy needs cleanly, but you 
can't build a nuclear facility in America let 
alone an oil refinery (a greater contributor to
our higher fuel prices recently than supply shortages).  
There is advanced technology to build safe fission 
plants, but the American public, at least the 60's 
and 70's generations, are too afraid.  Electricity 
adoption in general was slow in this country 
thanks to fear.  

Australia could stop burning coal in favor of 
nuclear plants, but it won't despite having some 
of the world's largest and highest quality 

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