someone wrote:
> It is a discussion about code commenting covering why it should be done,
> how it should be done, and why it isn't done.
/* Comments are there to help whomever has to maintain the program. */
> I'm tired of the geek nonsense that all I need to do to understand
> how free defrag is supposed to work is read the code.
/* Comments, when used properly, are an aid to understanding. */
>   The code can
> only show me what is implemented, not what's supposed to be 
> implemented.
/* Or what the programmer intended to do before he was consumed by 
fatigue. */
> It is always better to go from design to code instead of vice versa
> or just plain code.
/* For small projects (small being an arbitrary number), the design can 
stay in your head. */
>      Michael C. Robinson
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Gregory Pietsch

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