wput functionality (sent a file to an ftp server) can be achieved by 
ftp.exe from WatTcp. I was just hopeing that something more like wput 
that do exist for Linux and Windows...


Eric Auer escreveu:
> Hi Mikiya,
>>> Do you have wget and wput working in FreeDOS (using packet drivers)?
>> There's no wput, just a free http server on WINDOWS, and
>> "C:\FDOS\BIN\WGET.EXE" with packet driver.
> Right - wget is a generic HTTP and FTP client,
> not a counterpart to something called WPUT :-).
> But there is EZNOS, which is a free HTTP and FTP
> server for DOS. You use it with the same packet
> driver as WGET... Of course WGET only runs at the
> moment when you get a file while EZNOS is left
> running all the time because it is a server...
> Eric
> PS: If you want a WPUT, maybe you can find a DOS
> version of NETCAT. It can send and receive data.

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