Hi Aitor,

> I am afraid I disagree, Eric. We are just having badly or poorly
> commented code BECAUSE we are creating Open Source. I believe it is
> not as much the case for SMALL firms, but as for software written for
> big firms, they usually not only count, but also force you to write
> complete documentation (not only code comments), functional and
> technical, some others also test cases, and many many manuals for it.

That would possibly be overdoing things again... I hope that my
open source code - and quite a bit of the FreeDOS stuff - has
reasonably well commented sources. On the other hand, I have
seen the case that a meeting about coding style has been post-
poned (in a company) "because people will not change anyway".
So far for companies "giving the good example" ;-).

But of course it is always good to remember that we have to
remind ourselves to write good code in open source. Because
we are not paid for FreeDOS, there is no "quality control
dept" either. On the other hand, there could be one - working
with volunteers, just like our "software devel dept" :-).


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