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> BTW:  Hard drives are cheap these days, consider installing
>       Windows 9x and Freedos on separate physical hard drives
>       and using a drive tray to switch back and forth at least
>       during the setup stage.

It's a laptop, and the hard drive is difficult to get to.

>> My conclusion is that FreeDOS can't easily share a parition
>> with Win9x.
> It can, but it doesn't need to, and setup can be a little 
> tricky.  I don't recommend this.
>      Install Windows 9x.
>      Create a Windows boot disk.
>      Boot 9x in MS-DOS mode and use fips
>      to reduce the Windows partition to
>      make room for Freedos.  
>      ** Open an extra 32 megs for XOSL later. **
>      Reboot.
>      Install Freedos on the second primary
>      partition.

Yep, that's what I should have done.  The HOWTO sure gave the
imporession that it would automagically share a parition.  I'll
probably jsut shrink the FreeDOS FAT partition and dual-boot

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