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>>  3) Two crashes in the first two minutes:

>>No crashes since the re-install. My conclusion is that FreeDOS
>>can't easily share a parition with Win9x.
> Real mode msdos was discontinued in WinMe/NT/2k/XP. The problm
> I had when installing freedos on an existing win partition is
> that it had tendancy to load wrong files (command.com), and
> had to set path and move things around a bit to make it work
> good. I do not recommend installing freedos on same partiton
> as windows, but recommend install dos first,then windows as a
> second partition then linux on remaining disk space. (triboot)
> ocymmv. 

The clean install isn't working very well either.  

Almost none of the other DOS software I've installed is working
(a sh/ksh clone, a bunch of Unix utilities, etc.).  I'm afraid
I don't really have time to mess with it any more.

>>I wiped the WinMe partition and installed FreeDOS from scratch.
> Hopefully you didnt lose your personal data dirs, one thinking
> about is a nas server for the network and schedule daily
> backups it.

I didn't have any important data in the WinMe partition.

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