Windows ME is a strange beast.  Seems it failed miserably.
Nice thing about Windows ME was that it doesn't require 
validation like XP does.  It must only be about 7 years old,
but there's no support for it.  Just as well perhaps, seems
like Windows ME had an identity crisis.  It wasn't exactly 
dos based Windows and yet it wasn't NT either.  I think an
end of life Windows 98 carrying dos real mode support 
forward would have been better anyways.

Did 98SE and ME come out about the same time?  I don't think 
that Windows ME has support for real mode dos.

I experienced ME for a whole 2 days.  When it blue screened 
on me, I tried to replace it with Linux.  When X wouldn't 
work, the HP celeron system it came on went back to Fred's 
and I got a refund.

I hear that a lot of ME users migrated to XP.  Indeed, 
XP Home upgrade is advertised as an, 
"upgrade for Windows 98SE."

On the subject of seemingly dead releases of Windows, how
about Windows CE?

     Michael Robinson

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