Hi Jim,

according to validator.w3.org, the new design is more like
HTML 4.01 than like XHTML. That is okay for me, but then
the header should not refer to XHTML... ;-).

Other errors:

- there is no table "bordercolor" attribute

- XHTML probably wants x="y" syntax for attributes, not x=y?

- do not mix XHTML <br /> with HTML <br>

I think if you remove a few / from .../> and if you change
the headers, then your page will make a nice HTML 4.01
transitional. No need to throw XHTML at DOS users now...

One problem with the design:

- the top of the fish has no smooth transparency, so you get
  almost white pixels between the border of the fish and the
  striped background, at least in Mozilla based browsers.

- plus the striped background looks much worse - imho - than
  the previous "marble" or "plain, 1 color" backgrounds. You
  also get extra strain for the browser when forcing it to
  tile a tiny image to until you get the selected height and
  the width of the canvas. Suggestion: Make the image high
  enough to let 1 copy be enough, make it 32 pixels wide,
  and do not make it striped ;-).

Thanks for making the web page Arachne friendly :-).


> Thanks to all of the Arachne users (especially Udo!) and other web
> testers who helped with the new FreeDOS web design.  The new design
> doesn't differ all that much from the old one, but has a cleaner look.
>  More importantly, the new design looks much better under Arachne...

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