A lot of the errors you mention actually come from the webring nav
stuff, which I have no control over.  If you want to validate, you
need to omit the webring stuff:


This validates as correct XHTML.

I tried to pick a banner background that wasn't too image-y so that it
would look much the same on Arachne.  And I've been getting some
peopel complaining that they didn't like the "marble stone" background
pattern, so I felt it was time to change.  At one point, I was looking
to use a gradient of mostly the same color, sort of "web 2.0"-ish.  I
suppose I could do that instead for the banner background.  Or, I
could let it just be a solid color with no image background.

What do others think?  I have some time today before I leave on my
trip, so if I can get a sense of what people think they'd prefer, I
can see about making the change now.


On 6/8/07, Eric Auer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> according to validator.w3.org, the new design is more like
> HTML 4.01 than like XHTML. That is okay for me, but then
> the header should not refer to XHTML... ;-).
> Other errors:
> - there is no table "bordercolor" attribute
> - XHTML probably wants x="y" syntax for attributes, not x=y?
> - do not mix XHTML <br /> with HTML <br>
> I think if you remove a few / from .../> and if you change
> the headers, then your page will make a nice HTML 4.01
> transitional. No need to throw XHTML at DOS users now...
> One problem with the design:
> - the top of the fish has no smooth transparency, so you get
>   almost white pixels between the border of the fish and the
>   striped background, at least in Mozilla based browsers.
> - plus the striped background looks much worse - imho - than
>   the previous "marble" or "plain, 1 color" backgrounds. You
>   also get extra strain for the browser when forcing it to
>   tile a tiny image to until you get the selected height and
>   the width of the canvas. Suggestion: Make the image high
>   enough to let 1 copy be enough, make it 32 pixels wide,
>   and do not make it striped ;-).
> Thanks for making the web page Arachne friendly :-).
> Eric

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