Florian Xaver escreveu:
> Why does most people like GRUB? I don't like it. :-) I think, there are  
> many better boot-managers.

I can answer for myself: I don't like it, I just have in in my machine ;-)

Let me explain: I use Mandrive Linux which just give me 2 choices: Lilo 
or Grub. Unless I were willing to spend a lot of time learning to 
install something else and never use the crash recover capabilities, I 
am stuck with it.

I just could not find in LILO how to change active partition at boot 
time (for Fdos/win98 boot) and swap partitions (needed for WinXP).

So I am stuck with GRUB, which BTW works just fine and the later version 
has a better look :)


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