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>> How can I remap function and cursor keys to those char codes:
>> F1 to F6 to char codes 0xb1 to 0xb6
>> left right up down to char codes 8, 6, 0x0b, 5
EA> I think both KEYB and NANSI could do that, but can anybody
EA> explain which config files / strings have to be used for
EA> that and how they are activated in KEYB or NANSI?

     With active ANSI.SYS, you should send these codes specific Esc codes.
For remapping keyboard, there is next code:

    Set Keyboard Strings: Redefines a keyboard key to a specified string.
    The parameters for this escape sequence are defined as follows:

    * Code is one or more of the values listed in the following table.
       These values represent keyboard keys and key combinations. When using
       these values in a command, you must type the semicolons shown in this
       table in addition to the semicolons required by the escape sequence.
       The codes in parentheses are not available on some keyboards.
       ANSI.SYS will not interpret the codes in parentheses for those
       keyboards unless you specify the /X switch in the DEVICE command for

     * String is either the ASCII code for a single character or a string
       contained in quotation marks. For example, both 65 and "A" can be
       used to represent an uppercase A.

IMPORTANT:  Some of the values in the following table are not valid for all
            computers. Check your computer's documentation for values that
            are different.

Key                       Code      SHIFT+code  CTRL+code  ALT+code
F1                        0;59      0;84        0;94       0;104
F2                        0;60      0;85        0;95       0;105
F3                        0;61      0;86        0;96       0;106
F4                        0;62      0;87        0;97       0;107
F5                        0;63      0;88        0;98       0;108
F6                        0;64      0;89        0;99       0;109
F7                        0;65      0;90        0;100      0;110
F8                        0;66      0;91        0;101      0;111
F9                        0;67      0;92        0;102      0;112
F10                       0;68      0;93        0;103      0;113
F11                       0;133     0;135       0;137      0;139
F12                       0;134     0;136       0;138      0;140
HOME (num keypad)         0;71      55          0;119      ──

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