Hi Elias,

> I downloaded the latest FreeDOS and installed it smoothly.
> I will complain to DELL on Monday...

Thanks a lot :-). Let us know when you have questions about
FreeDOS, or when you encounter problems. We also have a page
about known issues, most of them minor:
Examples: Translation / USB stick / Problems with makerom, helpcfg,
fortune and cwsparam / List of packages that need internet /
How to shorten PATH / Where to get more GEM software / How to
install ALMOST everything on only 100 MB ;-) / Bug in "load
without drivers" option / How to save RAM / Windows hints /
How to make DOS more stable.

> If one day I need to install XP or Vista, will it be simple
> from the CD drive?

To get some performance out of normal hardware, you will
probably prefer XP, not Vista... You can also try Ubuntu,
works very smooth and is easy to use :-).

In either case, you can always install one or more operating
systems on a computer. It does not make a difference which
operating system you had installed before. For example, I
have SuSE Linux and Windows XP on my PC at work, and Linux,
FreeDOS and Windows 3.1 (not WfW) on my PC at home :-).

Note that Linux is the only operating system with easy to
use support for ADDING Linux later. When you install DOS
or Windows, it will often REPLACE your other operating
systems unless you manually tell it (how) not to do that.

In the Windows and DOS case, you have to create a partition
for Windows and DOS, after possibly making your eg. Linux
partition smaller. Because many people already HAVE Windows,
Linux is more "add friendly": It will often help you to make
the Windows/DOS partitions smaller in an easy way and then
use the gained space to install Linux.

In either case, it is always more fun to have more than one
operating system installed at the same time :-). At work, I
use Linux most of the time, and only use Windows to test if
my software works on both Linux and Windows... ;-).


PS: The Install hint page does not tell you yet, but we
have a list of at about 40 apps for which updates are
available... I guess it is time for FreeDOS 1.1 :-). It
will also include drivers from www.japheth.de afaik :-).

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