> It doesn't look like anyone is asking about the
> next version of Freedos. Is it okay to do so?

Yes! We should make a FreeDOS 1.1 soon :-). Rugxulo
reports that he found dozens of updates (thanks!!) for
the programs which are included in FreeDOS 1.0, so we
would need some  HELPERS  who can download all those
updates and, where needed, put them in nice ZIP files
with the right directory structure. The "right" dir
structure is simply "as in the ZIPs that came with
FreeDOS 1.0"... For most core FreeDOS components,
the ZIPs will already be in the right structure.

When this is done, by one or several helpers, we
have to collect the ZIPs at one place, and can
put them all into a new ISO. I would like to help
with the ISO, but I do not have the time to help
with downloading all updates.

The list of packages where 1.0 does not contain the
newest version of today is - hopefully complete:

4dos bzip2 chkdsk defrag doslfn edlin fasm freebasic
fdapm freepascal fdshield gzip hxrt debug himem
share jemm386 kernel ltools mem metakern mpxplay
nansi nasm openwatcom pg raread shsucdx shsurdrv
shsufdrv umbpci upx vim wasm xcopy fdrc cc386 grdb
tde blocek foxtype foxcalc doszip infozip fed :-).

> How about free defrag, has it been fixed yet?

When I last looked, there were some bugs left, and
nobody said they were fixed. Current version is 1.22?

> Can anyone give me
> pointers to help me understand the source code... so
> I can fix it myself?

I can answer questions by mail, but I cannot say
"the bug is in file X" - otherwise I would even
know how to fix it already :-).

> Out of all the software for Freedos 1 when
> it initially came out, what doesn't work?

You should assume that all software that has been
updated since 1.0 - see above - became better now.

In addition, please look at our bugzilla to see
what probably does not work:


I recommend that you hit the "Assignee" link to sort the
list by Assignee. When you hit "Sev", you will see that
about one third of the 108 known bugs are enh. wishes or
trivial or minor bugs. Note that quite a few bugs MIGHT be
fixed already but simply nobody CHECKED if the reported
problem is gone yet.

In short: We need testers! If anybody wants to test any
of the reported bugs, please report your test results in
bugzilla. If it is too much work for you to learn how to
edit bugzilla entries, please send your test results by
email. You can email the list or email me directly...
Thanks a lot :-). You can also mail which bugs you
want to be fixed FIRST :-).

> What has been fixed so far?  It would be nice if Freedos had
> something like yum or apt for doing automatic updates off the
> Internet.

Many people do not have internet on their DOS PCs, but one
thing that will happen is that we create a directory on the
download server where you get all updated ZIPs since 1.0,
so you do not have to download the whole 1.1 if you already
have 1.0... Should we also have one big zip with all the
contents of that update directory there?


PS: You should assume that FDISK has not been fixed in any
way. The best alternative is probably SPFDISK at the moment.
For the DMA boundary helper, I wrote a standalone TSR fix.
I believe that Bart fixed bug 1793, DJGPP GREP, in SVN. For
EMM386 issues, upgrade to JEMM386. Several other kernel bugs
are probably already fixed, in the version on my homepage or
maybe only in SVN. Japheth.de has a fixed DEBUG afair.

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