> Many people do not have internet on their DOS PCs, but one
> thing that will happen is that we create a directory on the
> download server where you get all updated ZIPs since 1.0,
> so you do not have to download the whole 1.1 if you already
> have 1.0... Should we also have one big zip with all the
> contents of that update directory there?

Good idea.

> PS: You should assume that FDISK has not been fixed in any
> way. The best alternative is probably SPFDISK at the moment.
> For the DMA boundary helper, I wrote a standalone TSR fix.
> I believe that Bart fixed bug 1793, DJGPP GREP, in SVN. For
> EMM386 issues, upgrade to JEMM386. Several other kernel bugs
> are probably already fixed, in the version on my homepage or
> maybe only in SVN. Japheth.de has a fixed DEBUG afair.

I don't like FreeDOS-FDISK.  I am using Extended FDISK, it is very good  
and has a
boot manager included.

Another choice would be JEMM, which includes both, JEMM386 and HIMEM in  
ONE driver.


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