Hi Flox,

> > PS: You should assume that FDISK has not been fixed in any
> > way. The best alternative is probably SPFDISK at the moment.
> > ... EMM386 issues, upgrade to JEMM386...

> I don't like FreeDOS-FDISK.  I am using Extended FDISK,
> it is very good and has a boot manager included.

I prefer the Linux or even Windows boot managers... One
problem with xfdisk (I assume you mean xfdisk?) is that
it failed to recognize a SATA disk in a case where SPFDISK
did recognize the disk. This is why I recommend SPFDISK.

> Another choice would be JEMM, which includes both,
> JEMM386 and HIMEM in ONE driver.

I think you mean JEMMX... Which is a bit too experimental
at the moment. But I agree that we should include it. For
the default, I recommend JEMM386 and the "tuned by Japheth"
version of classic FD HIMEM. You also have to be aware
that people like things which are similar to MS DOS, as
they are used to that one. So for example one might say
that J-FD-HIMEM "breaks" some old DOS games, because it
has different defaults compared to MS DOS HIMEM, but in
fact those are based on Win9x-HIMEM. As long as you KNOW
that, you can adjust your configuration settings...

Anyway. Let us include both JEMM386 and JEMMX.


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