Well, I just re-installed and did a minimal install. That worked.

This is so cool... I installed the screen reader, Jaws for DOS, and it 
works.  I don't know what I'm going to do with this thing but I am stoked. A 
talking DOS system.

I have some vague ideas of trying to make a talking Windows installation CD. 
That was actually why I started playing with freedos.

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Subject: Re: [Freedos-user] freedos boot crash

> Hi John,
> interesting that you install via a "fake VGA to COM" card.
> But I think your crash is not from XCDROM. The last line:
>> MORE$ driver by Eric Auer 2003 loaded. Use: ... > MORE$
> ... is the last thing that NORMALLY happens before the
> kernel starts to use the HMA. That requires HIMEM to do
> control of the A20 properly. As you have EMM386 loaded,
> you can also trigger "virtual A20" and UMB problems at
> that moment in FreeDOS 1.0. Your error message tells:
>> CS=ES=CBE6 IP=5059 SS=9D62 SP=2134 DS=ESI=EDI=0
>> EAX=0FFF5059 EBX=214C ECX=1079 EDX=CBE6 EBP=2140
> This may mean that emm386 tried to use the area at
> d000 (cbe6 plus 505.9) which then turned out to be
> unusable (everything ff ff). A workaround might be
> not to load emm386.
> Another option is to update himem and emm386. There are
> newer versions on www.japheth.de - I recommend the
> stable jemm386 plus japheth's patched himem, not yet
> the "himem and emm386 in one file" jemmx approach.
> Updating himem and emm386 may help to automatically
> avoid unusable areas and automatically get the a20
> control right, but you cannot be sure that default
> settings work everywhere. Jemm386 syntax and defaults
> differ from those of emm386, consider reading the docs.
> If you do not want to update himem and emm386, please
> try to boot without emm386, with only himem loaded.
> You can add the option /method:ps2 to himem, as your
> screenshot shows that himem defaulted to kbc on your
> hardware which might be part of the problem. Other
> alternatives are /method:alwayson /method:bios
> /method:fast and /method:port92.
> You can even hit f8 when dos boots, then you are asked
> for each driver whether you want to load it. Probably
> not very pleasant for you, just yet another possibility.
> Eric

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