hi, we are migrating a sistem from DOS FoxPro 2.6a to PHP, but we need
for a little time run this system in FreeDOS.
My problem is when i want to run Foxprox.exe i see the Foxpro2.6a
"wellcome" and immediately it is close with the error:
"cannot create program workspace: File is in use by another"

the foxpro dir is in a samba server, we mount the samba shared with
"NET USE" everything work ok! except Foxpro, if i run from DOS machine
Foxpro work ok!, so my problem is my configuration or FreeDOS, what
can i do?.


Juan Matias Granda
GPG FINGERPRINT:459C 4A2D 330C CB8C 0C44 0C3A 572C CBCA 5457 508B

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