Hi everybody,

as Jim declared my RUNTIME clone to be the replacement
of his version, I would like to add translations now :-).


Here are the strings of runtime. Actually, string 1 and
2 could be removed by simply showing "runtime: X" instead
of showing "X seconds elapsed" / "X elapsed" (the latter
is used if at least 1:00.00 minute has elapsed). Anyway.
Please send me translations for the following strings:

> 1 " seconds"
> 2 " elapsed"
> 3 "RUNTIME is free public domain software by Eric Auer 2007"
>   "Usage: RUNTIME your_program [your_options]"
>   "Shows how long your_program ran, max 1 day (23"
> 4 ":59:59.99)"
> 5 "COMSPEC not found"

The split into 3 and 4 is used to let RUNTIME automatically
format the example timestamp in your local COUNTRY setting.
So I need no translations for string 4 ;-).

For the old RUNTIME, translations in German, Spanish, Russian,
Latvian and Hungarian were available. I would like to support
at least DE ES and RU again, plus any other common language I
can get :-). Examples are French, Dutch, Polish, Italian,
Swedish, Portuguese. Of course we should not overdo things...

Another example: FreeCOM is available in German, Russian,
Spanish, Dutch, English. Partial translations are available
for Portuguese, Yugoslavian (?), Serbian, Swedish, French,
Italian. Would be nice if somebody could update the trans-
lations for FreeCOM. Please contact me if you want to help.

As with FreeCOM, RUNTIME does not use nls/programname.language
files. While FreeCOM has too many messages for that, RUNTIME
has too few :-). I will just add the translations to the
runtime.com binary itself and recompile it. I hope to be able
to squeeze up to 10 languages into a 2-3 kilobyte binary.

Please send your translations of strings 1, 2, 3 and 5 to me.
Thank you :-).


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