Hi Dietmar,

indeed, it is possible that djgpp does not include a getopt,
but you can add your own copy of getopt.c and getopt.h ...

> In this package is an getopt.c and a getopt.h.. thats was better, but
> in an if phrase with access and r_ok. If i comment this lines out

Maybe you forgot to cut and paste a bit of text here?

> and in dictionary.cpp are functions iswalpha

The iswalpha( wint_t value ) tests whether a "wide character"
is alphabetic. In other words, it is the Unicode equivalent
of isalpha( int value ). Just replace iswalpha by isalpha or
set "I want no Unicode / UTF-8". But there is also another
method: It might be possible to copy parts of the two files
./riscos/cpp/speak_riscos and ./riscos/h/wctype into for
example wctype.cpp and wctype.h, they seem to contain their
own implementation of the wide character functions.
You could also ask the author of those files, as mentioned
at the beginning of those files, to help you.

It seems that espeak supports both utf16 and utf8 internally,
so it can handle much of utf8 without Unicode aware C libs.

Another method is limit yourself to ASCII: For that, you
may be interested in the following:

#define wchar_t int
#define iswalpha isalpha
#define iswdigit isdigit
#define iswalnum isalnum
#define towlower tolower
#define towupper toupper
#define iswupper isupper
#define iswlower islower
#define iswspace isspace
#define iswpunct ispunct

Put the above into a fakewide.h file and add, at the start of
each of the .c files for which you get errors about iswsomething,

#include "fakewide.h"

That should give you ASCII support and make it easy to compile
things. Real implementations of the issomething and tosomething
functions are in ./riscos/cpp/speak_riscos which you can copy
into a wctype.cpp file as mentioned above. You may also have to
add wctype.cpp to the 2 lists of some_SOURCES in the Makefile.

I hope you can figure it out. Good luck!


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