Hi all,

thanks for the translations! Please check


where I put text files and screenshots of some languages:
Russian in Codepage 866 looks okay, as does Spanish and
French (got 2 translations, I prefer the informal one, is
it correct?) in Codepage 858. I also have a Latin9 file
for Linux/Windows users for easier viewing. However, the
Portuguese, Turkish and Polish translations contain char-
acters that I could not figure out - please fix those,
tell me which Codepage must be used to view them, and send
me the updated zip (personally, not to the list). Thanks!

About using translation files: Each such file takes a full
cluster on disk, but RUNTIME translations are only 0.2 kB
each. So I prefer to put the text inside RUNTIME.COM, which
also encourages you to submit translations, which in turn
means that others who download RUNTIME from me will be able
to use it :-).


PS: In Turkish, I replaced dotless i by I for now. I assume
that the places marked with "?" should be g with a ^ ...?
Which codepage(s?) contain those and at which character?
In Portuguese, nAo and opCOes are problematic. In Polish, as
the submission was in UTF8 instead of at least Latin1, I had
problems to find any DOS equivalents for the chars, sorry.

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