Hi everybody,

thanks for the quick help with RUNTIME translations :-)

The new runtime.com from
> http://www.coli.uni-saarland.de/~eric/stuff/soft/specials/runtime.zip
now "speaks" the languages English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish,
French, Turkish, Italian, Polish and Russian :-). Most languages work
in codepage 858, Italian / English / Dutch even in 437... For Polish,
you should use codepage 790 (or 991). For Russian, you need CP866 :-).

Please let me know if the translations are okay. For Turkish, I did
not find the dotless lower case I and G-caret. Please send a file
(as file, not via cut and paste) in a suitable codepage for DOS, and
let me know which codepage has to be used. Note that our EDIT can
show an ASCII / character table window :-). Thank you :-).

Enjoy the updated RUNTIME. Cheers, Eric.

Q: How do you load fonts for the codepage in question in FreeDOS?
A: Three steps, can be done at the command line or in autoexec:
LH DISPLAY con=(ega,,1)
MODE CON CODEPAGE prepare=((858) c:\fdos\cpi\ega.cpx)
(you can also say "CP PREP" and "CP SEL" if you are lazy...)

Q: How do you do the same in MS DOS?
A: Almost the same, but DISPLAY is a device driver and instead
of our small cute CPX files you use large clumsy CPI files ;-).

Q: And how about DR DOS, the greatest DOS of all?
A: Almost as in MS DOS but you can use compressed small CPI files.

PS: The binary is now slightly above 2 kB (3 kB without UPX) and
supports 10 languages, not bad :-). My c:/fdos/nls/ directory has
only 1 of 20 tools translated to Portuguese and none to Turkish
(1 Pt, 6 Ru, 9 Fr, 11 Nl, 11 Pl, 12 De, 13 It, 14 Es, 19 En) so
you are invited to translate those files in your FreeDOS, too :-).
Jim's "runtime classic" also supported Hungarian and Latvian ;-).

Translateable tools: help find choice sort more fc edlin diskcopy
mem xcopy tree htmlhelp move (...). All files are text files, easy
to edit... You can also translate FreeCOM and the help of EDIT, but
those are packed. I can help with packing if you want to translate.

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