Hi all,

you can now try my new tiny (2k) file type checker from:
> http://www.coli.uni-saarland.de/~eric/stuff/soft/specials/check-magic-filetype.zip

Features: Binary size (UPXed) is less than 2 kilobytes,
but you get limited wildcard support and lots of known
file types :-). Wildcards are only supported if in the
current directory. Use FOR for more wildcards. Examples:

c:>filetype /?
Free GPL2 file header / file type checker tool by Eric Auer 2007
Usage: FILETYPE filename         See www.gnu.org for GPL license
Filename can contain wildcards -if- it contains no drive or path

c:>filetype runt*.* | grep -v other
RUNTIME.COM : UPX compressed?
Done for all files.

c:>filetype c:\kernel.sys
\kernel.sys : Compressed FreeDOS kernel

c:>for %x in (c:\*.sys c:\f*.*) do filetype %x

You cannot do: "filetype c:\*.sys" or "filetype one.txt two.txt"
or "filetype *.txt *.com" etc, only one name, limited wildcards.

The tool recognizes 50 to 80 different file types, depending
on how you count... For example GIF 87a and GIF 89a could be
counted as one or two file types. Only the header of the file
is checked (less than 1 sector of it). Extensions are ignored.

Happy file type testing :-).


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