On Sunday 01 July 2007 07:58, Henrique Peron wrote:
> AFAIK, cp852 is the preferred codepage for polish but I'll leave the
> last word about that for poles; if you decide not to wait for a feedback
> therefore taking my word for granted, I could send you an e-mail message
> with a "translation table" of codepoints for the polish letters between
> cp790/cp991 and cp852, in case you need it. :-)

Yes, it's true that the CP852 is the recommended codepage (at least recomended 
by Microsoft), as it was shipped with their DOS systems. But in fact, nobody 
uses that codepage, nor have it ever used - pretty all polish DOS programs  
supports only the "Mazovia" codepage (called by FreeDOS as CP790). Polish 
people doesn't like the CP852, because it's over-writting most of the ASCII 
By the way, I entirely wrote polish translations of FreeDOS in Mazovia 

Mateusz Viste

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