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> Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2007 20:52:54 +0800
> From: " ??? " <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> hi,everyone
> I'am a noviciate for freedos,I have downloaded the fdbasews.iso from 
> Freedos
> Project,at first i think this can load freedos OS  with only cd
> and memory.
> but how can i make a iso file what can load freedos os not need any
> operation after I put the cd to the cdrom.
> -- 

Hi Yong! :-)

Do you run Windows? Which version? XP maybe?
Are you familiar with (free) virtualization software (MS VPC or VMWARE 
Server)? (you may need it, for creating the IMG file, and you'll need it for 
testing the ISO file, without burning it first).

Do you know how to creating bootable floppy IMG files (even if you don't 
have a floppy drive)?

If yes, please take a look at Dirk Paehl's (free) FolderBurn ( 
http://www.paehl-info.de/cdr/folderburn.php ).
If not, please post again.

PS: If you need help, for booting from USB stick also, please tell us.

Giorgos. :-) 

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