why don't you hire an expert for advice ?

seeing http://probelt.com/price.htm, this should be possible


am 5. Juli 2007 um 19:17 schrieben Sie:

> I sell an expensive DOS based engineering program that runs great full
> screen on Windows XP, 2000, Me and 98. The mouse works very well in my menu
> system. I use the NET USE command in the batch file to launch the program for
> setting up printing on networks, USB and wireless printers. A desktop shortcut
> icon runs the batch file. However, it will not run full screen on my new HP
> Model nx7400 Vista Business laptop. HP lists this model as FreeDOS compatible,
> but I haven’t installed it yet pending some suggestions.
> I would greatly appreciate some general guidelines to reduce the stumbling,
> learning curve. I am not a programmer, so I will NOT be able to customize
> FreeDOS. My customers are generally dumber than I am and are fairly resistant 
> to
> running my DOS program now. So, having ANY changes to their Vista operating
> system is clearly unacceptable. Having a bunch of special drivers would also
> be  a major customer complaint. Installation must be very easy. I now use the
> Setup  Specialist program for my customers to install the software and one
> special  driver to see the Aladdin hardlock key (security dongle). It is very 
> easy
>  for novice to use. Making a new partition for FreeDOS and for my  program
> would be strongly resisted by my customers who may also run the risk of  
> wiping
> out the Vista OS.
> I have heard of DosBox, but I understand it is not free. I could purchase
> multiple copies for distribution with my software. The cost is no problem, 
> but I
>  prefer to make things simple, if possible. I haven’t tried it yet.
> A Vista reboot to FreeDOS would also meet with a lot of resistance from my
> customers. Hopefully, I could set up FreeDOS to make the Vista run my DOS
> program like a XP to maintain all of the Vista security features.
> My customers will be more accepting now since FreeDOS is being made  
> available from the factory on computer sold by HP and Dell. However, I don’t 
> see  that
> these computer have both Vista and FreeDOS installed at the factory. Do  they?
> This is a link to my demo download page for anyone wishing to test my DOS
> program on their systems.
> _http://probelt.com/download.htm_ (http://probelt.com/download.htm) 
> A few major step by step guidelines would be greatly appreciated.
> Kent

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Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind regards
Tom Ehlert

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